What even is a coverlet?⁠

It's like a quilt and a bedspread, but so much more! This lightweight blanket will be your bed's shining star year-round 🌟 A coverlet can be used on its own as a bed topper, a...

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Bedding - The Fox Decor

This basically refers to bed clothes and bed linens. A set of bedding usually consists of a flat or fitted sheet which covers the mattress- a flat top sheet, bed cover, comforters, bed...

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Bathroom Cabinets - The Fox Decor
Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinet is a cabinet meant for storage in the bathroom. It is placed either above or beside the sink and is constructed in such a way that will help you store toiletries, hy...

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Bath Sheets - The Fox Decor
Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are usually bigger in size than bath towels. They are generally 35 inches by 60 inches and owing to its large size it absorbs more. Bath sheets are usually made for the comfort of those who like to spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. Bath sheets can be dr...

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Appliqué - The Fox Decor

The word ‘appliqué’ is taken from French meaning ‘applied’. It is a technique of sewing or pasting one material over another. An appliqué is an adornment attached to a base surface to enhance its beauty. It could be a fabric, a decorative or any other material that is compatib...

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Adjustable - The Fox Decor

Adjustable means the property of a thing to be able to change so as to fit the requirement of usage. It can be understood as a modification in the original form of a product to make it more efficient to use. It can go back to its original shape when desired.Adjustable ...

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Antique - The Fox Decor

Antiques date back to the bygone eras where beauty was valued on totally different metrics. They are basically collectables which can be in the form of furniture, instruments, decoratives,...

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Anti Slip - The Fox Decor
Anti Slip

The property of a product being anti-slip renders it the resistance to slip accidents. It is a very important requirement for all industry and consumable goods. A slippery surface can lead to several major and minor accidents. To overcome such situations that can lead to a pro...

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Art Décor - The Fox Decor
Art Décor

It refers to an artistic medium employed to adorn a room. Wall arts both framed and unframed, tapestries, sculptures, bowls, vases, chinaware are some of the forms of art décor that can add a touch of personalization to any home. If art décor is properly selected and placed, i...

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Accent Furniture - The Fox Decor
Accent Furniture

The word derives from the word ‘accent’ which means stress, or emphasis. Accent Furniture is exclusively designed to enhance the beauty of the room. It is that piece which is designed to beautifully complement a room’s décor. Such furniture can be functional as well but its...

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