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The word derives from the word ‘accent’ which means stress, or emphasis. Accent Furniture is exclusively designed to enhance the beauty of the room. It is that piece which is designed to beautifully complement a room’s décor. Such furniture can be functional as well but its primary role is to revamp the look of the room. Accent furniture is brought to home mainly to create a bright and alluring ambience.

Normally, accent furniture is much smaller in size than the room's main furniture. Tables and chairs are the most common types of accent furniture, although cabinets, shelves and entryway items are also widely used to accessorize main furnishings. Accent furniture goes beyond mere functionality, and is basically used for its decorative element above all. Its main purpose is to add color, variance and definition to an interior space.

A piece of accent furniture can be crafted with any material- wood, metal, plastic or upholstery. It may or may not have storage capabilities. It is often available in separate pieces to be combined in unique ways with other accent furniture to upgrade a room's main furnishings. Accent pieces of furniture are available in a large number of styles - traditional, contemporary or vintage.

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