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Prairie Swag Curtains

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Prairie Swag Curtains - The Fox Decor

"The quest for a beautiful add-on to give your house that long desired vintage look ends here. The country style prairie Curtains from The Fox Decor add a touch of old school class to any window you drape them on.

For all kinds of frames

Our prairie curtains are adaptable and will become the instant focus of any room in your home. Carefree or rustic, or meticulous & stylish, no matter what the essence of your home might be, there are a variety of country style prairie curtains for you to choose from. Also known as prairie swag curtains, they’re available in the traditional long, medium, as well as small lengths for all kinds of frames.

How to style prairie curtains

• Prairie swag curtains are ideal for a spacious cottage with rooms and areas decorated in country-style.

• Mix and match! Their fall and symmetry make for a perfect option for spaces of all types.

• Hang them by themselves or pair them with matching drapes to create a personalized look.

• A wide range of hues and styles makes them easily interchangeable with other rooms.

• Cover any large window frames by adding a set of valences between your prairie swag curtains.

• Vintage canopy beds can also be adorned by our prairie curtains for that touch of grandeur.

Get your hands on a plethora of high-quality country style prairie curtains today, only at The Fox Decor."