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Hooked Pillows

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Nothing says country décor louder than a hooked pillow. And the feeling of warmth and personalization hooked pillows bring, owing to their handmade construction, is matchless. Wool hooked pillows or hand hooked pillows are a great décor item if your house is full of country feel and if you like your décor items and interior décor theme to have a touch of primitive. You may very well even call them primitive hooked pillows for they can add a great deal of coziness to any nook and corner of your home with its earthen feel.

Hooked Pillow Options Online

If we talk about the selected designs of hooked pillows at The Fox Decor, some of the most preferred ones are:

Kettle Grove Crow and Star Hooked Pillow for a cozy, rustic appeal.

Tea Cabin Log Cabin Hooked Pillow for a touch of countryside charm.

Patriotic Patch Flag Hooked Pillow for honoring the old glory.

Wyatt Bear Hooked Pillow for a touch of wilderness.

Beckham Elk Hooked Pillow for adding warm colors to your indoors.

Heritage Farms Sheep and Star Hooked Pillow for some extra country feel.

Hooked Truck Pillow with Christmas Tree for adding a splash of Christmas cheer to your décor.

The Fox Decor offers a selected range of beautifully designed hand hooked pillow to choose from. We have VHC Brands hooked pillows, hooked Christmas pillows, hooked wool throw pillows, hooked wool Christmas pillows and primitive hooked pillows on offers. Choose from a wide range of hooked pillows and add a country charm to your rooms.