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Quilts & Quilt Sets

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VHC quilt & quilt set is more than just a decoration; it is a tradition grounded in heritage ideas. Every thread weaves a story built on hundreds of years of American design legacy. From time-honored patchwork patterns to modern solids, our April & Olive, Mayflower Market, and Oak & Asher quilts and quilt sets will fit whatever county lifestyle your customer wants. Each premium VHC quilt is designed to give a bedroom the lifestyle look buyers want while providing comfort to the fullest. "One of the most multi-purpose bedroom accessories – quilts are essential when it comes to completing your bedroom décor. The Fox Decor offers various country quilts and quilts sets to match the mood of your room’s décor.

The many uses of quilts

Layering your quilts as duvet covers help add more warmth during winters. For summers, these quilts work well as a single cover instead of using various sheets. Quilts are a good bet throughout the year. And it’s not just about keeping you warm & cosy. Layered at the top of your bedding, quilts add the final touch to your entire bedroom décor. You can even use these quilts you wrap around yourself and take a sip of your morning coffee at the porch.

Choose the right size

The Fox Decor offers quilts and quilts sets for different sizes of beds. Choose between king size quilts, queen size quilts and twin sets as per your bed size.

Patchwork magic

The most popular patterns people choose when it comes to quilts & quilt sets is patchwork design. Patchwork quilts are a hit because of their rustic, vintage vibe with patches of different designs sewn together. Country patchwork quilts from The Fox Decor are available in beautiful earthen hues.

Country themed décor

Looking for country quilts? The Fox Decor has an extensive collection of country quilt sets and even French country quilts sets for those looking for matching bedding for their farmhouse décor. It is advisable to buy quilts in sets as these are the most easily changeable bedding items, which you can change every other week to give a different look to your room."