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Battery Operated Candles

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Candles can change the mood and theme of any room or setting in minutes. Whether it’s a romantic date, a quite family dinner, a festive lunch with friends, the home altar or just about any decorative space – candles illuminate everything around them and they are a great décor option.

But are candles safe in every setting? Leaving them up at the altar requires constant look. Leaving them lighted up near children is another risk. Wearing certain clothes around fire is also dangerous. And with people moving their hands around the dinner table, the chances of the candle falling on the table if pretty. With so many issues at hand, a lot of people avoid using candles even though these make of great décor items. We have the perfect solution – flameless candles. Also known as battery operated candles, LED candles and battery powered candles, The Fox Decor have some of the most realistic flameless candles available online.

Tips to decorate your home and special occasions with flameless candles

• A round cake LED candle in ivory hue or a cinnamon stick Luminara candle can make for a great lunch table candle.
• The classic ivory Luminara candles work best for dreamy date nights.
• Luminara Cabernet candle is another great option for date nights for their glass-like look.
• Tall Luminara taper candles are a great décor item for dinner tables.
• Remote control projection pillar candles are great for silent, dreamy nights.
• Want to go for the most realistic look? Try the white drip pillar candles that look as real as a dripping candle.

Choose from a variety of styles and types of flameless candles at friendly prices online from The Fox Decor.

Enjoy the look and soft glow of a candle without the worry of an open flame with our great selection of LED battery operated candles in pillars, tapers, tea lights, and luminaras!

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