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Braided Rugs

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Braided Rugs are a quintessential element that frames the space within your home. It is profoundly an earthly item of decor as in connects the aura of your habitat with the foundation of your house. Using jute yarns and the traditional method of braiding, the rugs we offer are skilfully knotted into interesting patterns to bring out an organic unity.

If lamps and curtains dress the upper body of a room, rugs are certainly responsible for dressing the lower half. Country Rugs can dramatically change the tone of a room and allow you to integrate your color palette in an affordable - and interchangeable - way. In fact, it is easy to switch out rugs when you are

Ready for a change or even to explore different décor during different seasons.

 Rugs are also a big part of country decorating and a way to explore the colors, textures, and patterns that make country décor so special. At The Fox Decor, we have a variety of rugs in different sizes, colors, and patterns - ready to help you create the design of your dreams for your bedroom, kitchen, or comfortable gathering space. Rugs can soften floors, change the color of a carpet, and add immediate interest in a room.

At The Fox Decor, we have a beautiful selection rugs whether you like braided rugs or rag rugs - in a variety of colors to complement any country décor.

Browse our selection of rugs below and you are sure to find the perfect piece for any room in your home - whether you're looking to inject some color into a family room, or create a warm entranceway.

Meet our family of braided rugs and why they’re so special.

Jute Braided Rugs Online

Popular and affordable — our Jute line is the easiest way to capture natural rustic charm. Offer your customers an endless variety of shapes and colors that are budget-friendly and beautiful on hardwood floors.

  • · Easy to maintain
  • · Durable, natural Jute yarn
  • · Available in many colors and patterns
  • · 100% Biodegradable material

    Our award-winning braided rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We sell beautifully braided rugs for your home which is manufactured using high-quality materials in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Check out our Braided Rugs. We offer small 20” x 30” rugs to large 8' x 10' area rugs in Fall and Spring colors.

    The Braided rugs we sell do not just look good, but are very practical as well. You wouldn’t be able to wait to put the rugs on the floor. While making the area rugs, we do not compromise on quality.

    Our braided rugs handcrafted with a deep appreciation for classic American design and the highest quality construction using sophisticated color palettes to complement almost any décor style for any room in the home. With styles available in round, oval, rectangle and square shapes in sizes up to 20’x30’, these rugs can meet your needs for comfort, beauty, durability and pride of ownership. We offers several lines to meet any budget without compromising quality or selection. Our easy-care Ultra Durable indoor-outdoor braided rugs are stain-proof and water-proof and easily find their way into any decor. Our Ultra Wool braided rugs are washable and can go outdoors, too. Our classic cotton braided and jute braided rugs are go-to designs for those who love country, farmhouse, primitive, rustic or coastal décor. With recommended care, these braided rugs can give you many years of use and satisfaction.

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