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VHC Brands Braided Rugs

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VHC Brands Braided Rugs - The Fox Decor

"You’ve painted your walls fancy, added the right trinkets to the side table, chosen a rusty chair for the room and draped the windows with beautiful panel curtains. But something is missing! Nothing completes a room – any room – better than an old charm rug.

The Fox Décor collection of rugs

Choose from a plethora of options available on The Fox Décor – from VHC braided rugs to VHC rectangle rugs, from oval rugs to round rugs, from jute rugs to country rugs – the online store has it all.

Why lay a rug in every room?

Did you think rugs are only good as a décor item? Think again. These beautiful pieces of furnishing come with many benefits. Here are some that would definitely make you make your first purchase soon!

• Firstly, they add charm to any room!

• Not just the design but even the shape of a rug can accentuate the look of your room. Rectangle rugs, oval rugs & round rugs are some of the most common shapes of rugs available. If you have an edgy décor, go for a rectangle rug, while a round and oval rugs work well with softer décors.

• Rugs safeguard your floors by protecting it from spills, dust & dirt. They also keep the noise low because your footwear or even a lot of running won’t make too much noise on the floor with a rug. You can choose from various VHC rugs that are made of great material and are highly durable.

• Go for smaller rugs for smaller spaces and a big beautiful rug for a more open space. The size of the rug can make all the difference. Even you are still using a small rug for your big living room, try a large rug matching your décor and see the difference.

Get your hands on an amazing collection of braided rugs in various sizes and designs from The Fox Décor."