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Luminara Candles

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Illuminating every corner of your house with candles, everyday or on special occasions, can bring out a beautiful aura. But corners and candles don’t usually go well. Let alone every day, people are sometimes afraid to light candles for too long on special occasions too. Fire is risky. Though decorating with strings of lights is another option but it does not have the same impact. The solution? Luminara flameless candles!

Now, don’t go just the term flameless. It is flameless for safety, but the impact remains the same. The light flickers and moves, making it look real. Moreover, the candle is made of real wax. Choose from a variety of options and light up every room in your home without worrying about fire safety.

Top 3 ways to enhance your home décor with Luminara candles

• Change the look and feel of your dinner setting: Luminara taper candles can be placed in middle of the dinner table or around the plates with the dinner setting. There is no risk of fire or wax dripping down. You can even do date night with Luminara taper candles.

• Light up every corner of your home: As the name suggests, Luminara window candles can be placed on corners of the windows lighting up every room. Even the curtains will look beautiful through them and of course, no worries of them catching fire.

• Make special occasions even more special: Whether you are having a night music session with friends in the lawn or have called your family over for dinner in the garden area, Luminara outdoor candles can be a great décor item that will conveniently light up any occasion.

Our Luminara candles dance, flicker and sway so convincingly, you have to see it to believe it. Only Luminara candles are born from patented Disney technology, which means they are unrivaled as a way to bring more magic to any room!

 Luminara candles use patented technology to produce a light that moves and glows like real flames.