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Luxury King Quilts & Quilt Sets

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"Create your own collection of luxury king quilt sets by choosing from the top-quality offerings of the Fox Decor to suit your style and tastes when it comes to quilts.

Primitive yet new

Time to move away from those age-old primitive quilts. You can now choose a design that looks vintage and primitive yet tailored with comfort and style and patchwork that is a notch above the bedroom styles where everything matches, but nothing looks like it’s meant to be. Our luxury king patchwork quilts are like no other.

Luxury king quilts are an easy and quick way to dress your bed where it counts, and even easier to clean and store. The most effective way to keep your bedrooms comfortable, stylish and padded with luxury with our king size quilts.

Customize your bedroom

• Our luxury king quilts are made of fabrics that are soft and durable with colours ranging from earth to neutral colours.
• Choose from floral patterns, geometrical designs and indulgent textures to get a unique style of vintage beauty to make any room look like one in a country cottage.
• Our double side patterns allow for a fresh look on the odd days and ideal for easy reusability of your quilt sets.
• Compliment your designs with primitive pillows, runners or ruffles and customize your bedroom with patchwork and primitive quilts. Make our luxury quilts the key focus of your personalized and polished design ensemble.

All our items are made with utmost precision and craftsmanship with high quality materials resulting in products that are the embodiment of plush comfort and design. Get access to an entire collection that has been curated for comfort, quality and for you to fall in love with."