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Adjustable means the property of a thing to be able to change so as to fit the requirement of usage. It can be understood as a modification in the original form of a product to make it more efficient to use. It can go back to its original shape when desired.

Adjustable products are being used almost every day by all people. Taking an example from one’s home, furniture like chairs, sofas and tables have this property. A sofa can have an adjustable headrest and even footrest in case of a recliner. Chairs, in general, do not have this property but it becomes crucial if it is a kids’ table and chair. Adjustable tables are comparatively new in this field. An expandable dining table can make place for more people. A table for four can be expanded to serve as a table for six. Laptop tables can be adjusted in height. Some can even be adjusted in two folds.

Apart from furniture, even kitchen essentials and lamps can be adjusted in different ways. Floor lamps and desk lamps usually come with an adjustable height feature. Aprons that are to be worn during cooking come with adjustable height and width both. Likewise, adjustable cutlery trays also come in quite handy.

Although, the illustrations listed above are mechanical and can be controlled using either a slider or a button (recliner), there are also many adjustable products that are remote or sensor controlled.

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