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Antiques date back to the bygone eras where beauty was valued on totally different metrics. They are basically collectables which can be in the form of furniture, instruments, decoratives, etc. The craftsmanship of antiques can be noticed by the material used, heavy weight, exaggerated curves and intricate designing. As they are passed on from ancestral years, their physical condition also reflects their age. They form a vital part of every museum and are displayed in a very grand way.

While most antiques are not for sale, the ones that are available have peaking prices. This is when the modern practices to design the antique come in the picture. To serve the need of antique décor, today there are many less expensive options available in the market. Take from a stained candle holder to a minute timer, and from a telescope to even an antique lamp, everything now can be bought easily and that too at reasonable prices. These products are created keeping in mind the elements of antiquity at every level of their production process. The most common feature of the modern day antique is their color that ranges from golden and silver to rustic wooden and bruised white. There are also replicas of the ancient telephones and gramophones. They make for interesting décor pieces along with giving the space a heritage look. More examples of antiques are brass door knockers in the shape of animals or even Gods, wooden storage boxes and carved wooden tables.

Antique décor items are not meant only for traditional homes. They are also loved by contemporary house owners. Not only homes, even hotels, restaurants and offices adorn their space with antiques.

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