Indulge in a little kitchen gardening this year

Indulge in a little kitchen gardening this year - The Fox Decor

With the sun finally breaking through the clouds in spits and bursts, one can’t help but agree how a dash of green in or outside the house can enrich the space with color and fragrance. In fact, setting up a kitchen garden is rather easy than it sounds. You can either grow herbs on a patch of lawn, terrace or in the kitchen itself!

If enjoying the lavishness of a kitchen garden is one of your to-do things this year, then take a look at few easy & quick DIY ideas:

1. Windowsill boxes/pots: If you are really tight on space and don’t want to do gardening on a massive scale then this is good option. Nutritious plants such as lettuce can be easily grown in such boxes/pots.

Windowsill boxes/pots

2. Shelves: These space savers are great if you don’t have much space but are keen on growing a variety of plants and herbs.


3. Containers: Metal bowls and wooden boxes can be easily used to grow green vegetables and herbs. Since these containers are portable, it is easy to change their placement as and when required.


Don’t forget to…

1. Choose the right spot: Whether it is outdoors, on the terrace or in the kitchen, make sure the spot receives ample sunlight for at least 6 hours in a day and the soil drains well.

2. Select the right herbs:  For starters, one can set up a simple salad garden. Green culinary herbs such as lettuces, thymes, Brussels sprouts, parsley, celery, etc are easy to grow and maintain.


3. Keep it budget-friendly: Repurpose small wooden crates or use old metal containers to grow herbs. Start with a tiny garden and scale up the number of herbs or vegetables grown accordingly.

4. Water your garden: Make sure the plants are watered every day. Once they start maturing, then an inch of water per week is enough for continuous growth.

Water your garden

Remember: Maintaining a kitchen garden requires time and commitment, so research well before plunging into it. Also, you can’t also go on long vacations without anyone to look after the plants. Hence, plan well.

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