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Fetching DIY vases

Fetching DIY vases

Vivid accessories can transform your home from a simple looking place to something spectacular! You just need to add a few knockout pieces and your home décor is sorted. Given that Friendship Day is around the corner, how about seeking a creative DIY activity with your friends for respective homes?

Seek inspiration from multitude of pretty forms of nature and experiment a bit with some interesting do it yourself ideas, along with your friends to make your homes look charming!

1. Color pencil vases: Did you know that you can make a lively vase out of colored pencils? Try this ->

pencil vases

Things you need

a) Colored pencils

b) Thread or ribbon

c) Flowers


It is as simple as it looks! Assemble pencils in bright colors (as many as you like) and tie them with a thread or a ribbon. Guess what? It is done! Effortless, wasn’t it? Just put in some beautiful flowers now and tighten the thread (if needed). You can now place it at any corner of your home to add that extra splash of color & zing!

2. Wool/ thread vases: The wool or thread vases make a statement with its elegant look and the color adds much to the design & style. You can also add lace to these threads to give it a vintage appeal.

diy flower vases

Things you need

a) Wine bottle

b) Rope or wool

c) Lace

d) Glue

e) Flowers


A bottle of wine is the first thing that you need. We are staunch of believers of recycling! Now spread some glue on the bottle and wrap it with a rope or colorful wool. Once you are done, see if this vase that you made need lace. Add colorful lace and you are done with another beautiful DIY vase.

new diy flower vases

3. Painted vases: Upscale your vase to an awe-inspiring piece. Try this ->

 painted vases

hings you need

a) A pot

b) Painting colors

c) Painting brush


Take a pot and paint it with a modest color like white. Once the paint dries, paint a flower or any other design which you think is easy to make.

This is what it will look like ->

painted diy vases

f you have any other DIY ideas for making vases the inexpensive way, share them with us!


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