Hang that pretty wall art!

Art means so much to so many people, that it is regarded as an irreplaceable part of the human experience.
Hang that pretty wall art! - The Fox Decor

So you have purchased that perfect piece of art which you were always looking for. Art means so much to so many people, that it is regarded as an irreplaceable part of the human experience. Adding to this thought, we give you some fabulous ways to place your art with artistry and artfully:

Choose the right area: Your first step is to figure out the right wall and location to hang the wall art. Don’t opt for a wall already cluttered with other artworks. Opt for the main empty walls of entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. where your beloved piece of art will be the hero.

 wall art

Fix the nuts & bolts: You don’t need heavy drywall anchors, hammers or big nuts & bolts for this. Medium to small hooks according to the size of the wall art are good to go.

Number of nails may vary: Your next job is to take this into account how many nails would best balance the art work. This might vary from one nail to a number of them.

wall art cluster

Mark the spots before nailing: Ensure you do perfect marking. For this, you need to see if the nails are in alignment and are going in the right place. A ruler to measure the appropriate distance, a pencil to mark the spots and a helper to aid you are the basic requirements.

Height matters: The wall art should be neither too far up that passers-by almost crack their necks looking at it, nor should it be too low that no one notices it. The ideal position is 60:40 wherein it should be 60% above the ground and 40% below the roof. When placing two to three pieces of wall art, consider them as single entities and balance them in terms of intermediate distance between them and their overall placement on the wall.

 wall art location

Give breathing space: It’s not at all wrong to place multiple pieces of wall art on a single wall but follow the basic rule and keep an optimum distance between each one to add an appealing touch. Also, maintain the same distance between all the art pieces.

Give your wall art the best place to reside in and get set to receive compliments from all around.

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