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Jackson Doll on Spindle Jackson Doll on Spindle
Jackson Doll on Spindle $39.99 $44.99
Measures 18" x 3" x 3" Use as a decorative indoor accent piece for any room Adds a touch of homey-ness to any door or entryway With natural colors and te x true to create a 3 dimensional design come to life Great housewarming gift for family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances Jackson Doll on Spindle is a stuffed scarecrow head with a burlap hat, raffia accents, and a happy sunflower. It is attached to a standing spindle and measures 18" tall. 18 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch Jackson doll on spindle with Sunflower accent - family owned and designed in the U. S. A.
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Liberty Annie Doll Country Dolls & Chairs CWI+ Liberty Annie Doll Country Dolls & Chairs CWI+
Liberty Annie Doll $54.99 $99.99
  Weight - 0.50 lbs. Height - 21.00 in. Width - 6.00 in. Length - 3.00 in.   Liberty Annie Doll features red yarn hair, a worn American flag with moss accent, and a blue and cream striped dress with a "Liberty" kraft paper tag. She stands 21" tall. Liberty Annie is ready for your patriotic celebrations, we love her embroidered smile! This stuffed doll comes with red yarn hair and wears a cream and blue striped ticking dress with old time charm.
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Cashew Bear - The Fox Decor Cashew Bear - The Fox Decor
Cashew Bear $42.99 $77.99
  Fuzzy primitive bear doll Flexible limbs and a weighted bottom Black and tan fabric scarf and name tag accents Decorative sweater with snowflake patch Material - Fabric Cashew Bear is a stuffed fuzzy bear dressed in a shiny sweater. He has a long nose, black bead eyes, and a black and tan gingham scarf. He has flexible limbs and a weighted bottom for easy display on chairs, risers, or any flat surface. His name tag is pinned to his sweater with a safety pin and measures 13" high when seated (20.5" high overall) and 8.5" wide.  
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Slim Jim Scarecrow Doll on Base - The Fox Decor
Slim Jim Scarecrow Doll on Base $53.99 $84.00
  Stuffed plush doll Gourd accents Burlap hat and overalls Stands on a wooden base Weight - 1.00 lbs. Height - 24.00 in. Width - 4.00 in. Length - 18.00 in. Decked out in plaid and burlap this Slim Jim Scarecrow Doll on Base is ready to bring fall charm into your home. This doll stands on a dark wood base and boasts small gourd accents and a jute string belt for detail. Place him on a shelf or mantelpiece or combine him with other figures for a festive country look. Measures 16" wide by 24" high.  
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Miss Jackie Doll HS Dolls CWI+ Miss Jackie Doll HS Dolls CWI+
Miss Jackie Doll $33.95 $50.93
  Weight - 0.75 lbs. Height - 26.50 in. Width - 4.50 in. Length - 11.50 in.   Miss Jackie Doll has a stuffed pumpkin head and wears tan and gingham clothing. It is 25" high and features a primitive name tag. Miss Jackie is the sweetest Jack-o'-lantern doll we've ever seen, she is the perfect addition to your fall and Halloween decor!
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Max Snowman Ornament HS Dolls CWI+
Max Snowman Ornament $22.00 $36.24
  Weight - 0.25 lbs. Height - 8.50 in. Width - 3.50 in. Length - 2.50 in.   Our Max Snowman Ornament is a festive snowman who has an aged look and is perfect for adding a primitive touch to your home. Max Snowman Ornament wears a burgundy scarf and snow-dusted black top hat. It has rusty jingle bell accents and measures 7" tall.
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Barney Dog HS Dolls CWI+ Barney Dog HS Dolls CWI+
Barney Dog $23.00 $34.89
  Stuffed, aged fabric dog Button eyes and wood spool legs Burlap pocket filled with bones and sweet annie 6.5" H x 9.5" W, 2.75" Dp Weight - 0.50 lbs. Height - 6.50 in. Width - 9.50 in. Length - 2.75 in. Material - Stuffed fabric   Barney Dog is a charcoal colored, stuffed fabric dog figure with black button eyes and black wooden spool legs. Barney has an aged, distressed finish and he wears a jute tag collar with a jingle bell and a name tag. A burlap pocket is primitively sewn onto Barney's side, and it is filled with plush bones and dried sweet annie. He measures 6.5" high by 9.5" wide and 2.75" deep. Barney Dog is a primitive stuffed dog that is a must have for your doll collection! He is charcoal colored with black button eyes and wooden spool legs. A jute rope collar is around his neck holding a paper name tag and jingle bell. A burlap pocket has been sewn onto his side which holds plush dog bones and dried sweet annie. 
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I'm Sorry Mouse Doll - The Fox Decor I'm Sorry Mouse Doll - The Fox Decor
I'm Sorry Mouse Doll $24.00 $33.99
  Weight - 0.25 lbs. Height - 5.50 in. Width - 3.00 in. Length - 4.00 in. I'm Sorry Mouse wears a fabric scarf pinned with a nametag, and carries flowers. He stands 6" tall. You won't be able to stay mad at the I'm Sorry Mouse for long! The adorable stuffed figure holds a tiny bouquet of flowers while a small teardrop rolls down his cheek. He is made of soft fabric and wears a gingham scarf.  
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Shawnee Sheep HS Dolls CWI+ Shawnee Sheep
Shawnee Sheep $23.99 $38.99
  Weight - 0.50 lbs. Height - 8.75 in. Width - 3.50 in. Length - 10.00 in.   Shawnee Sheep is a primitive fabric sheep with a throw blanket on its back. Shawnee measures 9½" long, 8½" high, and 3" wide.
Sold out -34% sale
Chevron Elf Doll Christmas - The Fox Decor Chevron Elf Doll Christmas - The Fox Decor
Chevron Elf Doll Christmas $30.69 $46.04
  Weight - 0.50 lbs. Height - 12.00 in. Width - 5.25 in. Length - 5.50 in. Chevron Elf Doll is a muslin fabric elf doll. He wears a chevron striped shirt and wired hat with jingle bell accents, and his trousers and boots are painted on. He also wears an "Elf" name tag. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 16½" high (with hat fully extended) by 7" wide. The Chevron Elf Doll is a retro cutie that will add a fun element to your Christmas cheer! The fabric doll has green pants with a red & cream chevron striped shirt and matching elf hat. The hat band matches the belt and both the hat and shirt sport burgundy jingle bells.  
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Kate Snowgirl Doll HS Dolls CWI+
Kate Snowgirl Doll $21.89 $32.84
Kate Snowgirl Doll is a rustic, brown fabric doll with primitive stitching details. She is adorned with a wreath on her head, and her outfit consists of a green and tan patterned dress, a cheesecloth apron, a gingham scarf, and a pair of brown pants. Measures 18" tall by 7" wide.
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Brantley Bear HS Dolls CWI+
Brantley Bear $26.29 $39.44
Brantley Bear wears a fashionable red coat with a muslin pocket square. He sits 15" high.
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Benson Bear HS Dolls CWI+
Benson Bear $30.69 $46.04
 Benson Bear wears red overalls and is 20" tall.
Sold out -34% sale
Buttons Bunny HS Dolls CWI+
Buttons Bunny $16.49 $24.74
Buttons Bunny wears a red gingham shirt with burgundy pants and features jute, lace, and button accents. It holds a small stuffed carrot and measures 25" high.

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