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Galvanized Family Sign - The Fox Decor
Galvanized Family Sign
$23.99 $35.99
  Distressed metal sign Displays, "FAMILY," in 3D lettering Accented with rivets for an industrial design 14" W x 6" H Two keyhole hangers Weight - 0.75 lbs. Height - 6.00 in. Width - 14.00 in. Length - 0.50 in. Material - Metal Family Galvanized Sign is a galvanized metal sign that adds a rustic, industrial feel to any wall of the home. Sign has distressed, rusty edges and features the word, "FAMILY," in dimensional cutout lettering. Design is accented with rusty metal rivets. Hangs on two keyhole hangers. Measures 14" wide by 6" high.  
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*Family Wood Sign - The Fox Decor
*Family Wood Sign
$64.00 $130.00
  Weight - 4.00 lbs. Height - 12.00 in. Width - 36.00 in. Length - 0.75 in. Celebrate family in your living room or kitchen with this clean-looking engraved sign. The word "Family" is laser engraved over three whitewashed, distressed wooden slats. It is 12" high x 36" wide and comes with two metal hangers on the back for easy and secure hanging.  
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6/set, Family Letters Family & Friends Signs CWI+
6/set, Family Letters
$39.99 $49.99
  Weight - 3.00 lbs. Height - 8.00 in. Width - 8.00 in. Length - 1.00 in. Family Letters are free-standing wood letters with distressed paint and assorted faith phrases on the "F" and "L." Each letter measures 8" high. Family Letters are perfect decorations for your living room! Made from wood, these letters are free-standing and have distressed paint in warm colors. On the "F" and "L" are faith-inspired words and phrases. The letters are 8" high.
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3/Set, Star & Berry Boxes Faith, Family, Friends CWI+ 3/Set, Star & Berry Boxes Faith, Family, Friends CWI+
3/Set, Star & Berry Boxes
$25.00 $39.93
  Weight - 1.00 lbs. Height - 13.50 in. Width - 5.50 in. Length - 5.50 in.   Our Stars & Berries Stacked Boxes will provide a classic country touch to your home's decor with their rustic finish. Star and Berry Boxes are papier mache nesting boxes with a tan base and black lids with distressed edges. The boxes are painted with barn stars and burgundy berries. Each box has a stenciled word: Faith, Family or Friends. Sizes are 3½" square, 4½" square and 5½" square.
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Family Wooden Plaque Wall Decor CWI+
Family Wooden Plaque
$36.99 $62.54
  Weight - 4.00 lbs. Height - 8.75 in. Width - 34.25 in. Length - 1.00 in.   Family Wooden Plaque is made of painted slat boards and measures 7"  high by 34" wide. Our Family Wooden Plaque is a great reminder of what's important! Made from slats of painted wood, the letters are different colors and sizes attached to a thinly paneled backing. It measures 7"  high by 34" wide.
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*Galvanized Family Framed Sign Faith, Family, Friends CWI+
*Galvanized Family Framed Sign
$23.99 $35.99
Galvanized Family Framed Sign is a wooden sign with recessed, metal lettering. Sign has two d-ring hangers on either side for wall hanging. Measures 8" high by 18" wide.

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