Top 4 Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Country Home

Top 4 Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Country Home

The merry season is only some time away and we just can’t keep calm. For even a country themed home, Christmas brings in love and light that is incomparable to any other festival. Families together, grandkids visiting, cosy dinners and a whole lot of love – Christmas deserves a décor makeover every season. Let’s look at some Christmas décor options for your country home.

Christmas Tree Skirts

Your decorated Christmas tree on plain floor can take the entire décor feel down. Place your Christmas tree on a beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt to complete the look. It is not only a functionally good option to avoid scratches on the floor and place gifts around but it’s also a great way to add an item of décor to your Christmas tree, as you can match it with your overall celebratory décor.

Christmas & Winter Dolls

Expecting kids at home on Christmas? Of course, you are! We know they love mobiles and Play Stations now, but nothing works like the magic of Christmas & Winter Dolls . They are not just a great décor item but also something the kids will always remember after growing up. Keep them at home or gift them your babies and make the Christmas merry!

Christmas Candles

Let there be light, literally! Christmas is all about the gleam & glitter and what better way than to light up the beautiful spaces of your home with Christmas candles. From Christmas votive candles to Christmas jar candles to Christmas tapers, The Fox Decor has a wide range of Christmas candle décor ideas available for you to choose from.

Handmade Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings have always been the best-known Christmas tradition. Whether you want to reminisce the times you put up Christmas stockings for your kids decades ago or the ones you like putting up for your grandkids, these stockings bring a vibe of celebration every time. This time, get your hands on handmade Christmas stockings to stay true to your rustic décor theme. From plaid to Reindeer to primitive star stocking, choose from a range of handmade Christmas stockings available online at The Fox Decor.

So, this time around, besides the quintessential Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments and Christmas bells, also get these great Christmas décor items from the house of The Fox Decor. You can never go wrong with the collection of Christmas décor at The Fox Décor with their rustic and vintage themes, perfect for a country or farmhouse décor. A must buy is a Country Christmas Pillow that has primitive stars with double plaid surrounding the words ‘Have A Country Christmas’. Do order it online and add warmth to your festive décor.

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