Ways to Add Faux Stone to Your Home for Rustic Charm

Ways to Add Faux Stone to Your Home for Rustic Charm - The Fox Decor

Adding some rustic charm to your home can give it a warm and inviting feel, and adding brick or stone to your interior is a great way to bring that country feel in. But, adding real brick or stone to your home is expensive, and you need to hire a mason to install it; faux stone, on the other hand, can be installed without an expert, and it is completely DIY. These are some ways you can add faux stone and brick veneer to your home to give it a rustic, country feel.

Add Faux Stone to the Fireplace

One great way to add rustic charm to your home is with an accent wall surrounding the fireplace. With a darker brick that has an older look to it, you can make sitting by the fire on cold nights feel like you are in a little country cabin. Adding darker wood to the decor will also help accent the feel. The Fox Decor has several fireplace screens and mantle decorations that can complete the rustic look of the fireplace and room. 

Add Brick Veneer to the Kitchen

There are many ways to ​ add brick veneer or faux stone to the kitchen to give it a rustic feel. Adding it to your backsplash can give it a unique touch. If you have a kitchen island, it is another ideal place to add faux stone or brick, and it will make the island stand out in a unique way. You can also add faux stone or brick to the walls of the kitchen and place some open shelving in front of it to add more country charm.

You can also add it in a small way to the wall behind your stove, which you can make look like a chimney to make you feel like you are cooking on an old wood burning stove, instead of a modern electric or gas stove; if you want a rustic Italian look, add an arch of bricks over the stove. With darker wood for your kitchen cabinets and a dark granite countertop, you can feel like you are in a little kitchen in Italy.

The Fox Decor has a variety of home accessories available to complement the rustic look of your kitchen. There are decorations, curtains, rugs, shelves, towels, and more. Between faux stone and The Fox Decor, you can make your rustic dream kitchen on a budget. 

Add Faux Stone to the Bathroom

While you may not think about adding faux stone to the bathroom, it is another way to make your home feel rustic. You can install a stone accent wall behind the tub or shower to make it feel like you are in a charming spa in the country. It can also be added to the exterior lining of the bathtub or shower to make it feel even more rustic. If you have a large mirror in the bathroom, taking a darker stone and surrounding it can give it a dramatic look that stands out well.

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