Top 5 ideas to add winter décor to your country home

winter décor to your country home

Redecorating your home after the festivities seems like a tough job and sure it is. After all, what can be bigger than the grandeur of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Wrong! Winter decor is not about redecorating your home to look more festive but to bring back the essence of your real home decor and merge it tastefully with the beauty of winter. Trust us, it’s not that tough, especially with these easy winter decor ideas.

Bring in the winter hues
Turn your country home into a winter paradise with beautifully subtle winter hues all around. Choose from muted tones of greys and blues to add a touch of wintery charm to any space. You can choose different items in these shades for different rooms of your home. These colors also go extremely well with primitive and farmhouse decor tones.

Give out the message
Add beautifully illustrated wall art or table art pieces with winter messaging on them to different rooms in your house. You will find a number of wall frames and wall plates online with winter messaging on them. They not only add the winter charm to your home but also gives a snug feel.

Make it snowy
Another great addition is everything snowy - from snow globes to snowman decor, all the snowy themed decor items can be a great choice for any winter decor. These make for an amazing gifting option as well.

Keep it cozy
What is winter decor without some cozy and comfy throws everywhere. From bedrooms to chairs to outdoors, pick snug throws in winter hues to match your overall decor and keep yourself warm while adding the winter love to your rooms.

Plaid for the win
Plaid is another great winter favorite. Usually people associate plaid in red hue with warm cozy winters. Why not add a few plaid red items to your home decor as well. Give your kitchen a plaid makeover and see how it adds that wintery feel to your home.

We hope you are now convinced to make your home decor more wintery for the season. But where do we get all these winter home decor options online? The easiest way to find all your favourite winter decor items is by visiting The Fox Decor has a huge collection of winter decor items that match the country decor sensibilities. Take your pick from an extensive collection today.

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