Outdoor Living: Creating a Backyard Retreat

Outdoor Living: Creating a Backyard Retreat - The Fox Decor

The days of barbecues, swimming pools, and naps in hammocks are finally back! But before you can enjoy the great outdoors, you probably have to get your outdoor space in order. In this blog, we’ll help you tackle your outdoor living space – whether it’s a porch, patio, backyard or garden – with a plan.

Phase One: All Four Seasons in One Day

Start planning your outdoor living space by answering these simple questions:

  1. Would the outdoor furniture I want hold up if I experienced all four seasons in one day?
  2. How easy would it be for me to pack up and store everything?

Always consider how your area’s climate will affect your outdoor living space. You don’t want to warp your furniture in one season if it gets caught in the rain. And, if you happen to live in a wet climate, consider how moving and storing would work. That outdoor rug might look nice, but will the hassle of rolling the rug up during bad weather outweigh its look?

Next, consider the space’s purpose. Is it for entertaining or is it an extension of your living room? Defining the space will help you pick the right furniture and accessories.

Pro Tip: You can ensure your outdoor décor’s longevity by weather- and water-proofing your furniture and cushions. And remember, don’t leave cushions and pillows in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Harsh sunlight can cause color fade and wear.

Phase Two: Laying a Foundation

Wagon Wheel Bench

Your outdoor furniture acts as a foundation for style. Understanding how each material can set your outdoor space’s tone will help you discover which material will work best for your space.
The three basic materials are:

  1. Wicker
    Wicker furniture is classic outdoor furniture. It has strong rustic air that permeates throughout the design of your space. You can give it a modern update with bold color by using all-weather paint. If you like the look of wicker but want something more durable, try resin wicker.
  2. Metal
    Metal outdoor furniture is incredibly versatile. You can find simple outdoor metal furniture like park benches and bistro sets or you can find one-of-a-kind, stylized pieces like butterfly chairs and ornate rockers. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Wood
    Like wicker, wooden outdoor furniture has a classic, rustic quality. But with wood, you can develop any style or theme in your backyard or patio depending on the wood’s treatment and finish.

Phase Three: Build Walls

The key to outdoor living is creating a sense of enclosure. Think of it as extension of your home; you can use an exterior wall of your house to create this illusion. Or, try using outdoor rugs. Outdoor area rugs define boundaries which can create a closer, intimate space. Plus, these versatile rugs add color and intrigue.
If your area’s weather isn’t good for area rugs, outdoor benches can define a space while providing ample seating for larger parties. For more a natural look, potted plants will also do the trick.

Phase Four: Make It Comfortable, Make It Yours

Make this outdoor living space yours with accessories. Start with outdoor lighting. There are so many options but for hassle-free lighting, try candle lanterns. They’re perfect because they’re easy to hang and maintain. But, don’t rule out string lights. Simple, soft twinkling white lights can mimic the stars while string lights with paper lanterns can echo a fun, fantastic atmosphere.

Next, choose your outdoor cushions and pillows. Just like your living room, pillows add comfort and style to the outdoor space. They can be used to carry a theme or complement one. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. And remember, you can never have too many pillows!

Finally, accessorize. Find planters, statues, and other garden accessories that complement your theme. Bring nature to you with bird feeders and bird baths. Keep it musical with wind chimes singing in the breeze. Whatever you choose, this is the last step in making your outdoor space truly yours.

When you’re ready, The Fox Decor’s new Outdoor Living Collection is the perfect place to get started! Check it out on Thefoxdecor.com or visit us in store. We make outdoor living easy so that you can relax and start enjoying the sweet summer season.

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