5 Christmas Decor Products You Should not Miss!

5 Christmas Decor Products You Should not Miss! - The Fox Decor

Alright, We are going to start this off by saying We are sorry. Why? Because We are talking about CHRISTMAS today! 

Christmas decor 5 best products that you don’t want to miss out on! Narrowing this down to 5 was very hard for us as there is so much good stuff we have for Christmas Decor. Let me know what you think of my five and be sure to tell me YOUR picks in the comments.

Fragrance helps set the tone

Being in a house, we have a bigger space to fill & we want the whole house smelling good. So, we are always on the hunt for a great scent and great look.  Santa’s Farm Candle features a retro illustration of a vintage red truck. I just love the neutral color scheme of the label and wax.

Let’s not forget to talk about the scent…Santa’s Cookie Crumble! It’s a delicious blend of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and pecan!  Doesn’t that sound like the most fantastic fragrance for the holidays?! 

Be young at heart

We LOVE the Dear Santa Letter Holder! The Dear Santa Letter Holder is a stylish way to store Christmas cards, or have kids write their wish lists to put in the envelope!  It’s practical, adorable, trendy, and fun for all ages! We get so many holiday cards and I never really know what to do with them. Anyone else? This red metal envelope is the total answer! Stuff those cards in here for a cute wall.

Must-have vintage red truck

Seriously, I have started to realize how popular the image of a classic red vintage truck really is! Especially during the winter season. Now bring the truck home! No financing required, lol! The Vintage Red Truck is a mini version of the real thing! 

If Santa had a Christmas tree farm, he would drive this Vintage Red Truck and look festive for the holidays!  

Display the reason for the season

We always get the best resin nativity sets!  Let Us Adore Him Nativity is new for 2018! It’s a three piece set featuring  Mary and Joseph praying over baby Jesus, the three Wise Men bearing gifts, and two shepherds with a pair of sheep. The light blue star that Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus is sitting in front of  is embossed with the phrase, “O Come Let Us Adore Him.”  The set offers a great reminder of what the season is all about and adds some fresh color to your home.

christmas holiday decor nativity set

Carefree winter florals

We like flowers but sometimes I forget to take care of them. I didn’t inherit my mom’s green thumb, that’s for sure! That is why I love faux florals! No pressure! Seasonal florals are fantastic, and this Mini Cotton & Pine Floral collection delivers winter vibes! The soft green pine branches are dusted with silver glitter (eeep!! Glitter is the best!) Tiny cotton bolls and pinecones are accented throughout the branches.

winter pine floral christmas collection

We can’t fight it

WE apologized at the beginning of this post because no one really wants to think about winter, right? Wait…there actually might be people out there who LOVE it. Is that you? Talk to me. Tell me about your love for winter, because I truly have a hard time with it. I mean, I like the holidays. I love being with my family, watching Isabella experiencing the Christmas traditions, and just being in all the hoopla  of it. But hard pass on the weather. Snow is pretty on TV, not in my yard, or on my car, lol!

Tell us in the comments why you love winter! And what is your favorite item out of my five picks? Is there something else in the catalog that caught your eye? Let us know!

Christmas Decor

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